“For you to fnd your Japan,” writes Malgorzata Mauko Korczak, and then not only describes, but also photographs, draws and publishes a book of beauty. On the one hand modern (like Japan), on the other traditional (like Japan), paying attention to every detail (like the Japanese do). It’s a book that is both authoritative, artistic, and to some extent a reportage.” Max Cegielski / a journalist, cultural animator, member of Masala Sound System music collective, traveler. The “IMe and Japan / 私と日本 ” book is my first, personal, author’s book. It is a combination of text, graphics, and photography, in a handcrafted setting. The book launch took place on August 11 – that’s the Mountain Day in Japan. A short report on the launch and the exhibition you can find here – (link) in the Events section.